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In 1999 Joni Rogers-Kante founded SeneGence, a skin care/cosmetic company that prides itself on its anti-aging and long-lasting products. Rogers-Kante worked with world renowned scientists to create a formula that was unique to each skin type while produce amazing results. In Rogers-Kante’s first year she sold over $1 million worth of LipSense, a long-lasting lipstick that is waterproof, smudge proof and kiss proof. Since that first year, Rogers-Kante turned SeneGence into an international company expanding to Canada, Europe, Indonesia and Australia.

“Joni has devoted her time and energy to developing products that truly work for women and have the necessary ingredients in them to do just that rather than creating misleading labels and products.” said Amy Henderson, Emerald Crown Princess.

Rogers-Kante has designed her company to help women accomplish success and motivate them to be the best woman they can be. SeneGence offers a one of kind compensation plan, many distributor trainings, incentive trips to exotic places and royal rankings such as Emerald Crown Princess, Queen, Princess, Maiden to measure your success within the company and so much more.

"I had an idea for this business model combined with recession-proof beauty products, as a generous way to earn money, have fun, and help others evolved into SeneGence - the company that REALLY WORKS!" said CEO and Founder, Joni Rogers-Kante.

This direct selling company is still ground level, but in the past year the SeneGence has grown over to over 30,000 distributors! Which means there is plenty of room for growth and opportunity. Check out this Distributor Map to see how many distributors are in your state. And as SeneGence continues to grow, new products are coming out every year. Every product is smudge proof, waterproof and made with ingredients that are natural and beneficial to each and every skin type.

"It's about healthy and natural products that combine beauty and technology and cosmetics that are actually good for your skin!" said Rogers-Kante

Makeup Comparison

The chart below is a breakdown of the makeup companies product and prices from the chart above.

Product SeneGence MAC Cover Girl Lorac Stila Nars Chanel Tarte Smashbox Clinique Avon
Lipstick $25 $20 $10 $17 $24 $32 $37 $20 $24 $17 $11
Blush $30 $23 $5 $22 $25 $30 $45 $28 $35 $23 $9
Mascara $25 $23 $8 $23 $23 $26 $32 $23 $22 $18 $9
Foundation $50 $38 $11 $34 $45 $48 $60 $39 $42 $27 $16
Eyeshadow $22 $6 $11 $44 $18 $25 $36 $14 $18 $21 $4
Eyeliner $25 $17 $8 $23 $22 $27 $33 $20 $21 $20 $7

Interviews with SeneGence Royalty

#1 What makes SeneGence different from other cosmetic and skincare companies?

Amy Henderson, Emerald Crown Princess: “What makes SeneGence different from other cosmetic and skincare companies are a number of things.  First, our founder and CEO, Joni Rogers-Kante, raised the capital by pounding the pavement and selling herself just 6 original LipSense colors in which she sold over $1 million her first year.  She then continued to sell the products herself and by the next year she had sold over $4 million which gave her the money to begin Senegence International.  She did not take out a big business loan, but rather went out herself and raised the money by selling and sacrificing. This speaks volumes to me about a company and how it is ran.  Second, Joni has traveled the world to find the most natural and botanical ingredients to be put into our products. Our products are also vegan, gluten free, wax free, and lead free.  We do not test on animals as well. These practices are all to common in the cosmetics industry and we are proud that we stand out in such a way.”

Andrea Kotwitz, Princess:“What makes SeneGence different from other cosmetic and skincare companies is SenePlex Complex. This anti-aging property is made of kinetic (energy) enzymes that rush new skin cells to the surface 23.3% faster than normal. And that's amazing! In addition, our all natural, Vegan, long-lasting cosmetic line provides a mechanical shield which is a dynamic weapon against premature aging. The mechanical shield also provides protection against the suns harmful rays.”

Courtney Harper, Maiden: The SenePlex Complex! Which is an anti-aging property made of kinetic (energy) enzymes that rush new skin cells to the surface 23.3% faster than normal. And that's amazing!

#2 What do you want to accomplish by becoming apart of the SeneGence family?

Amy Henderson: "My primary goal I would like to accomplish by being apart of the SeneGence family is blessing, encouraging, and empowering other women! I feel that God provided this opportunity to me in order to be a light reflecting on Him as I am introduced to thousands of women across the world I would never know.  I view this family as a ministry to love on and bless others lives whether it be showing them the love of Jesus, instilling in them self-confidence and self- worth, teaching them how to do succeed and provide life changing income for their families, and of course help them live out their wildest dreams!  The blessings and life-long friendships that come from this company are truly unending and that’s what I would like to share with others!"

Andrea Kotwitz: "What I wanted to accomplish when first joining the SeneGence family and what I want to accomplish now are drastically different. When I first joined SeneGence I knew I wanted to try the product, so I figured I might as well buy at discount. I never thought I would be a part of a Network Marketing company because I am NOT a sales person, but there was nothing to lose, so I went for it! I had just had my 4th child and couldn't stand the thought of going back to work, so I figured I might as well give it a try! Now, 8 months in the business, I have more than doubled my previous income and have the title of a SeneGence Field Leader and Princess in the company. The sky is literally the limit as the company is still ground level! I am now working to reach a Million dollar team and continue to grow my business while blessing others with this life changing opportunity."

Courtney Harper: "Being financially stable, no longer stressing about the day-to-day and being able to spend more quality time with my family."

#3 What makes the SeneGence compensation plan differ from other networking companies?

Amy Henderson: "The SeneGence compensation plan differs from other network marketing companies in a few different ways!  First there is nothing else out there quite like it because it truly is incredible and very generous!! We get paid unlimited amounts on five levels deep. It is not a binary compensation plan where legs have to equal each other in order to get paid.  The percentages that are given are more than generous for simply just doing what we are called to do which is bless others with this business. Another notable point is we do not have “breakage.” In another very well known skincare and cosmetics company this did occur which I was very turned off by. What breakage means is that once someone in your downline reaches the top ranks in the company they would essentially break away from you and you will no longer receive compensation from their production.This defeats the purpose of even building a team if you are going to be used to being a certain income and just because someone else in your downline succeeds you lose your paycheck. Our company does not participate with such an ill practice.  SeneGence also allows for compression which is unheard of in the direct sales industry. Compression takes place when someone in  your downline goes inactive or does not order for the month, anyone below that person will compress all the way up to you so you are not losing your income on all five of your levels. This is a fantastic feature of our compensation plan! These are just a few of the impressive differences that SeneGence offers which doesn’t even include how easy it is to earn cars, trips, jewelry, recognition and more!"

Andrea Kotwitz: "What makes the SeneGence Compensation Plan differ from other networking companies is the low start up cost at $55, no monthly requirements or commission boundary limits. In my opinion, Senegence offers the most generous compensation plan in the industry. As a SeneGence Distributor we do not have to meet any monthly quotas, and earn up to 50% sales profit instantly. Most importantly, there are no limits to our commissions paid by SeneGence for building and growing our teams."

#4 Is the LipSense that SeneGence offers, a stain? How does it possibly last up to 18 hours and not damage your lips?

Amy Henderson: LipSense is not a stain.  It is a liquid lip color that molecularly bonds to your lips.  It is created with a patented technology that other company can duplicate.  It is guaranteed to last between 4-18 hours which is pretty remarkable for any lip color. Not only does it really work but it is made with the most natural and botanical ingredients so you can feel confident in what you are actually putting on to your skin.  The colors exfoliate all your dead skin and years of wax build up from using inferior products thus creating a smooth surface for the color to go into the pores of your lips.  A vitamin e and shea butter gloss is used to seal in the color and provide vast amounts of hydration and moisture to your lips thus making them healthy!

Andrea Kotwitz: LipSense by SeneGence is not a lip stain. LipSense is made of all netural, plant based ingredients that form a molecular bond with your skin and is topped with a specially formulated gloss rich with Shea Butter and Vitamin E. The gloss permeates the color to hydrate your lips while sealing in your color. LipSense is applied in three layers to maximize your wear for up to 18 hours! The first layer cleans the surface of your lips to allow the color to bond. The second layer is protected from the skin's pH and from every day factors from the top layer. The third layer protects the second layer from saliva, and friction.

Courtney Harper: “LipSense is a long lasting LIPSTICK that lasts up to 18 hours. LipSense does not contain harsh chemicals that damage your lips. NO WAX. NO LEAD. NO ANIMAL TESTING. GLUTEN FREE.”

#5 What is your favorite SeneGence product & what do you benefit from by using that product?

Amy Henderson: Well that is an extremely difficult question because I truly love and believe in so many of them!! I do love the LipSense which is what originally attracted my attention to SeneGence, however from using the skincare line, and a product called Climate Control in particular, I have seen a dramatic difference in the health of my skin! Climate Control is an intense moisturizer that brings extreme hydration to your face thus diminishing fine lines and wrinkles!  My skin looks and feels smoother and in turn is healthier than it ever has been!

Andrea Kotwitz: My favorite SeneGence product is ShadowSense because the uses are endless! Our water proof, crease proof ShadowSense can be used for eyebrows, eyeliner, blush, contouring, dark circle coverage, and of course to achieve your favorite eye shadow looks!

Courtney Harper: Climate Control is my absolute favorite product! It hydrates my skin and fights wrinkles. It has made my skin so much healthier.

Amy Henderson
Emerald Crown Princess
Andrea Kotwitz
Courtney Harper